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 For new construction. Accurate, realistic,
and competitive.


Installation from traditional to  exotic, including English Garden, Asian, Tropical and Xeriscape.   Visualize your  concept of paradise, a unique, personal oasis. 


 Automatic  or manual control systems, timers, valves, and borders to minimize the  hours spent maintaining your oasis.  We also program systems and run  system checks. 

Flower Beds/ Vegetable Gardens

 Install beautiful plants and colorful flowers or vegetables you can eat fresh from the Earth to your table. 


 We use high quality sod from Western Sod farm. We also install from seed.  

Accent Lighting

 To enhance and spotlight your unique landscape design.   A wide variety of Up/Down-lighting, Pathway, Underwater, Specialty, and Backlighting products from Focus Lighting, Inc., and Nightscaping ® are available.  

Irrigation Systems

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service. Range from PVC, Poly Drip, Bubbler, to  Drip Systems; all with up-to-date, cutting-edge technology and  innovations to meet your all your needs, and within your budget. Quality  parts and equipment from Febco, Irritrol, Weathermatic, and Toro, are  just a few of the brand names we install. 

Service Contracts

 We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annual contracts available to maintain irrigation and lighting systems. 


 To  irrigation and control systems, valves, sprinkler heads, and timers.   Minor repair service call is $60.00 minimum, for one man, up to one  hour.  Two-man repair calls are $90.00 per hour, or any portion  thereof.  Does not include cost of parts. 


  Is  cosmetic surgery for your yard with irrigation and lighting. Tune-up  your irrigation system with new valves, sprinklers or drip lines.   Increase the efficiency of your control systems with a system check and  reprogramming.